Need Help with Fair Value Measurements?

Is your company active in business combinations? Has the unpredictability of the economy or other operating results caused you to look at impairment indicators? Do you have non-exchange traded investments or use derivatives to manage risk?

If so, we have the resources and expertise to help you develop appropriate fair value methodologies to meet reporting requirements, or with any other fair value issues your business may have.

Our Fair Value Solutions Group, one of Mayer Hoffman McCann’s four new Expert Groups, is focused on assisting our current and potential clients with:

  • Valuation of complex financial assets
  • Developing the basis to evaluate long-lived assets and intangibles
  • Ensuring that acquisition date fair values are in accordance with Accounting Standards Codification 820 “Fair Value Measurements” (ASC 820)

Visit the Fair Value Solutions Group webpage to learn more about these services.

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