Is an ESOP Right for Your Company?

Case Studies and Factors to Consider in Succession Planning 

Is an ESOP Right for Your Company?More companies are starting to look at Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) as a transition strategy as well as a way to broaden ownership and further incentivize top management.

This webinar will explain the main financial and tax advantages, ERISA requirements and potential disadvantages of ESOPs, including illustrative case studies on several different companies representing manufacturing, distribution and architecture industries. We will discuss basic company profiles and financial data, along with organizational structure and current benefit plan offerings for employees. From there we will move into a succession planning conversation and look at what factors from these case studies are important when considering whether an ESOP or other alternatives might accomplish a company’s succession and financial objectives.

Registration is free and this course is eligible for 2 CPE credits.

CBIZ MHM Executive Education Series:
Is an ESOP Right for Your Company?
May 1, 2014
11–1 p.m.
Eligible for 2 CPE
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